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Air Bubble

About Us

I Fly in the Worlds Cleanest Air.
Now I Want to Share it with you, Just Breathe!

Proudly Tasmanian

We are here to help you breathe!

We live in Tasmania and we are passionate about sharing our air with you. Our values have been set by our director who has grown up from a small boy in Tasmania to a very proud Tasmanian that appreciates the natural clean lifestyle in this remote southern Island at the very bottom of Australia. World renowned for its natural wonders and world heritage listed sites, the clean environment and its rugged beauty and of course, the cleanest and freshest air in the world.

Family Owned and

Our Director

Air bubble is a family owned and operated company, unlike others that use Tasmania in advertising to their advantage without actually being Tasmanian. The director is a father of 3 children and 7 grandchildren, allowing him to understand the importance of integrity and genuine care for the well being of others. We will continue to build our company founded on products which we believe are beyond anything else available on the market. The internationally recognised products from Tasmania are considered premium and amongst the best in the world.

Paragliding In Tasmania

Petr Skvaril – Youtube Video

Flying my paraglider in Tasmania is what I love to do.

Breathing the fresh air when I fly made me want to be able to share it with the world. Through our modern air harvesting, now you can enjoy it too!

Why Choose Air Bubble?

Fresh air is essential to good health and positive body function.
Air Bubble brings you The Worlds Cleanest and Freshest Air collected from Tasmania.