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At Air Bubble we take great pride in knowing that through our pure breathing air products, thousands of people will lead a better life.

– Ian Leonard –

In 2015 I moved my young family to Warrnambool – one of the most unique places in Australia located on the southern coast of the state of Victoria. This location is right next to the world renowned ’12 Apostles’ rock formation coastline and is subject to some very wild and windy weather. It is known as Australia’s ‘shipwreck coast’ for this very reason!

It is an area of astounding beauty with pristine beaches, astounding coastal rock formations and native vegetation. It also happens to be right in the path of the most incredible prevailing wind currents coming straight from Antarctica, unaffected by pollution.

The air is quite simply amazing! It just has to be experienced to be believed for its uplifting and energising qualities. It is far too good not to share!

The Air Bubble company and products are the result of thousands of hours spent researching and developing ways to best package and export breathing air. All operations adhere to stringent Australian Standards and we are confident that our processes and products are world class leading. Our research and design is an ongoing area and we are constantly developing improved methods to capture, process and package a purified air product.

Air Bubble brings Australia’s best air to the world in an affordable and convenient portable bottle to have accessible in your home, workplace, hand bag, briefcase or gym bag. Enjoy the uplifting boost from our products at any time to lead a healthy and vibrant lifestyle and enhance your wellbeing.

Enjoy a true breath of fresh Australian air, enjoy Air Bubble™ breathing air – there is nothing else quite like it on earth.

Ian Leonard
Director Air Bubble Pty Ltd

Air Bubble: Proudly exporting Australia’s freshest breathing air all over the world